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We Might Be Tiny

Cat Snackie - Yellow

Today’s busy lives demand a whole new level of versatility from snack products.

Luckily We Might Be Tiny's Cat Snackie™ can handle any situation you throw at it! Pop it in the freezer, use it to whip up quick microwave snacks and even bake some kitten delights with cute whiskers.

The food-grade silicone Snackie turns grazing on the go into a toddler feast. Every Snackie consists of a bowl and plate secured by a flexible silicone strap to hold them together. Fill your Snackie with healthy home-made treats and get around those sugary impulse buys when toddler tantrums come knocking. With its small soft-touch design, our Cat Snackie will turn into little one’s favourite especially for those spontaneous backyard picnics at home. Snack time can be fun while helping your toddler learn those important independent meal time habits.

And best of all, you can simply let your dishwasher deal with the mess when your adventures come to an end.

We Might Be Tiny's yellow Cat Snackie will become your little one's best friend.

 NOT PLAIN JANE loves We Might Be Tiny snackies because their on trend colours are easy on the eye and we love that they can be thrown in the dishwasher - so fun and so easy! We're thinking they make great 1st birthday presents - cute enough to look like a toy but practical as well - Mum & child will be happy!!