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Christmas Cracker - set of 6 - RED

Christmas Cracker - set of 6 - RED

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An homage to the vibrancy of an Australian Christmas, Studio Milligram has collaborated with artist Leah Bartholomew to celebrate the festive season. The collection features colourful abstractions of sentiments found in Australian landscapes. Botanical shapes filled with crimson reds, vibrant pinks and shades of blue and green, the artworks evoke the comforting feelings of summer, the warm embrace of the open air and finding ourselves linked with nature.

Bring your loved ones together and celebrate Christmas in style with Studio Milligram crackers.

Designed in collaboration with acclaimed Australian Artist Leah Bartholomew, this set of 6 crackers will bring joyous colour and effortless style to your table.

Each cracker contains a hat, sticker featuring highlights of Leah's native botanical artwork and "did you know?" trivia fact imparting knowledge of the beautiful world around us.

Made with FSC certified paper & recycled paper packaging

Designed in Melbourne by Studio Milligram.

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