Expo 88 card

Kids of the 80's, this Father's Day card is for you.

Remember how SOOOO badly you wished for a family trip to Disneyland, and thought Expo 88 sounded like Disneyland came to Australia - I mean it was the celebration of the nation.

Just when you thought a family trip to Queensland, your imagined wonderland, was do-able, you were squished in the back of the station wagon with your siblings and ended up in a roadside motel in Shepparton where the pool had green water and the air-con was on the blink.

It's about time you thanked Dad for those memories, it may not have been what you wished for but I bet you look back and remember it fondly.

Why not chuck one of those stories in this Wally Paper Co card and share a laugh this Father's Day


This super fun Wally card is A6 (when folded), and blank inside.

Drawn and printed in Melbourne, Australia, it’s printed on beautiful, textured, 300 GSM paper. Sooooo nice to touch.

It comes with a brown, recycled, Australian made envelope and  also comes in a protective, clear plastic sleeve. I

It measures 148mm high (5.8 inches), and 105mm wide (4.1 inches).