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Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Wash & Lotion Duo with Tray

Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Wash & Lotion Duo with Tray

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The Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Duo from al.ive body includes a 500ml hand & body wash, 500ml hand & body lotion and a matching tray.

The al.ive body® Australian made hand & body range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to stimulate your senses and shape your surroundings.

The al.ive body® Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Hand & Body Wash/Lotion Duo contains a luxurious blend of naturally derived ingredients, fortified with essential oils and native botanical extracts.

All AL.IVE bottles are 100% recyclable and made from HDPE plastic 



"As interior designers, aesthetic yet highly functional design is the primary focus of all our interior transformations. It’s our belief that our surroundings largely define the way that we feel, and consequently shape the quality of our daily lives.

Integrating this ethos with our desire to live a more conscious lifestyle was at the top of our agenda when creating al.ive body®. The result is a personal care range that marries high-end product design and integrity with the demands of the conscious consumer."

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