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Montmartre Macaron Soy Candle

Montmartre Macaron - Wild Blueberries & Velvet


Limited edition with unique ceramic vessel. Conjure the decadence of creamy vanilla, blueberry and a dusting of sugared coconut. 

Meander through the cobblestone lanes of Montemarte, where the legends of bohemian Paris make merry in the dance halls. Conjure the decadence of the local patisserie which billows wafts of creamy vanilla, blueberry's fruity zing and a dusting of  sugared coconut.


Part of the day in Montmarte Limited Edition Duo


Top Notes: Wild Blueberries

Middle Notes: Creamy Musk

Base Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Sugared Coconut Husk



The Montmarte Macaron Wild Blueberries & Velvet Vanilla 380g soy candle is part of the gourmand fragrance family. Gourmand fragrances replicate the wonders of food ingredients. Sometimes fresh and fruity, other times sweet and decadent, but always delcatable and ready to party.