Space Invaders Socks

Is old mate one of those that reminisces about the good ol'days when he used to play Space Invaders at the Fish N Chip shop while waiting for his fried dimmies and Chiko Roll? Then these may just be the perfect pair of socks for him.

Designed for people who like to express their personaility, Bamboozled socks are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and are super soft and luxurious - ticks lots of superhero boxes if you ask us!!!

Eco friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic and mositure wicking.

Luxuriously soft and breathable this anti-bacterial fibre not only prevents odour but provides moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable all day.

Best of all designed here in Melbourne!


Sizing info. - Mens Regular 7 -11

Material - 80% Bamboo 15% Polyester, 5 % Elastane