Under The Love Umbrella

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Written by Davina Bell with illustrations from Allison Coloys, Under The Love umbrella is a beautiful celebration of the joy and comfort love can bring - wherever we roam in the big wide world.

In a time filled with so much uncertainty, this book is a must have for any family bookshelf.


Whatever you fear, come close my dear
You’re tucked in safe for always here
And I will never not be near
Because of our love umbrella


Davina Bell

Davina Bell is an award-winning author of books for young readers of many ages. She writes picture books (including Under the Love Umbrella and All the Ways To Be Smart), as well as junior fiction, middle-grade fiction and YA. Davina lives in Melbourne, where she works as a children’s book publisher. She talks to kids and adults around the country about the enchanting world of books and ideas.

Allison Colpoys

Allison Colpoys is an award-winning designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.