How to Stay Busy at Home and Support Small Business at the Same Time

How to Stay Busy at Home and Support Small Business at the Same Time

You don’t need us to tell you this isn’t the 2020 we were all expecting. BOY do you already know that! 

It’s true, coronavirus has created a lot of difficulties for us all. One of the major negative effects of the pandemic is that the small businesses we know and love are suffering. As we stay inside to keep our communities and loved ones safe, businesses are losing customers and income, which can be a really big deal for smaller stores.

Another (admittedly less pressing) issue that has arisen from COVID-19 is that many of us suddenly have a lot more free time on our hands. And as it turns out, there are plenty ways to tackle both of these problems at once.

If you can feel yourself edging on slightly stir-crazy, here are some activities you can do to pass the time and support the awesome local businesses in your own area.

1. Cook up something special

Now is a great time to get a little bit fancy in the kitchen. Instead of going straight to Woollies for your ingredients, take the extra time to see if the local businesses in your area have got what you are looking for. We’ve seen so many of the local cafés in our neighbourhood provide great grocery and pantry services during this time.

Flemington locals: Check out Wolf and Hound’s incredible online pantry and Pepper and Autumn Leaves in store pantries. No fancy meal is complete without booze either, so check out our neighbours Pin Oak Beer and Wine.  

2. Read those books!

All those books you’ve been meaning to read can finally get the attention they deserve. Reach out to your local book retailer to see how they’re handling COVID. If they’re delivering or offering quick pop ins, stock up on a stack and get reading!

Flemington locals: At NPJ Living we have plenty of splendid books for adults and kids to while away an iso weekend. Check out our online store to see our bookshelf!

3. Do puzzles and play games!

Another great way to put your brain to work is by doing a puzzle. If you're looking to compete against someone other than yourself, get some quirky card games from that small business.

Flemington locals: Puzzles designs are so cool these days! At NPJ Living we have some pretty neat boredom buster activities, like these Friends inspired puzzles and fresh card games. Check out our online store for more!

4. Treat yourself to an at home facial! 

Need a little pampering right now? Check in with your local skin clinic/beauty therapist to see if they are offering a take home facial kit. We’ve tried this ourselves and can verify it is ridiculously restorative. Put on some soft music, light a candle and really sink into the luxuriousness.  

Flemington locals:
Our very own Essential Skin Clinic have put together some really great facial kits! They also double as a lovely care package for a friend.

5. Start a craft project!

Why not look to the arts and crafts arena? There’s never been a better time to make that masterpiece. Especially if you've got kiddos to entertain. 

Flemington locals: at NPJ Living we’ve got some really beautiful ‘Paint by Numbers’ kits for adults to channel their creative side (they are a great mindfulness activity too!). Lots of great crafty kits for your little ones as well. 

7. Curate the ultimate ‘cosy corner’ at home!

A ‘cosy corner’ is a small dedicated space where anything screen or work related is banned! It’s a great way to physically separate your job from your leisure time and can feel like a tiny staycation. Think soft pillows, a throw, plants and candles for a that subtle glow and scent therapy.

Flemington locals: We are the masters of the cosy corner here at NPJ Living! See our website for plenty of homewares accessories, candles and soft things to deck out your little corner of respite. 

6. Take an online fitness class!

Need some inspiration in the exercise department?  Check to see if your local fitness studios are streaming sessions! So many of them are. It can be tempting to sit in one spot all day when you have nowhere to be, but exercise is known to help with anxiety, and right now, many of us could all the help we can get in that department.

Flemington locals: Our friends at Fitnesskick in Flemington are offering some brilliant, easy to access, live and pre-recorded workouts for you do at home. DM them on Instagram for more details!



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