A true pioneer of the Australian fashion scene, internationally acclaimed artist and designer Jenny Kee made her mark on the world in the 70’s and 80’s, becoming a legendary name in Australian fashion, with pieces worn by royalty and rock stars.

The easiest way to define Jenny Kee’s signature style is colour colour colour.

So it makes perfect sense for this legend of Australian fashion to collaborate with our favourite whimsical Australian brand for littles, Halcyon Nights. The new collection is called Halcyon Park - a play on Jenny's famous Flamingo Park days, and aims introduce a whole new generation to Jenny Kee and her fabulous ways.

We are beside ourselves with excitement to be an exclusive stockist of this limited drop.

As a child of the 80’s, Jenny Kee, Ken Done and Koala Blue were high on my creative radar and wish lists. So, I can hand on heart say, the excitement of this limited release Halcyon Nights collab. is almost immeasurable.
I distinctly remember in the early 80's seeing Princess Diana wearing a Jenny Kee "Blinky" jumper and thinking what a big deal it was for her to be wearing something all the way from Australia.
Sadly, my dreams of having a Jenny Kee piece of my own were never fulfilled – until now! "Blinky" has been reimagined for a new generation and I'm already hoping to squeeze my adult sized head into on of the knit beanies.


Jenny Kee Princess Diana iconic koala jumper

This limited capsule features two of Jenny’s iconic prints, Blinky and Bush Paradise, reimagined across Halcyon Nights gorgeous cotton jersey and knitwear, that we know and love.



Growing up in Sydney, with an eclectic cultural mix, Jenny faced racism and oppression from the get-go.

Claiming to be born into the only Chinese family in Bondi at the time, Jenny decided that a strong personality would transcend how she looked and through definition of this personality, would become the go to girl.

A stint in London as a style guru and vintage trailblazer, bedding a few rock stars along the way, cemented Jenny’s drive and creative path.

Returning to Australia in the early 70’s and opening her famous frock salon in Sydney alongside designer Linda Jackson confirmed her place in Australian design history.

Jenny Kee Australian Icon 

One of our core values at Not Plain Jane is to champion and empower women in our community and beyond. Jenny Kee could almost be the poster girl for the cause.

 Inducted into the Design Institute hall of fame and awarded an AO in 2008, jenny Kee’s designs continue to be world renowned and are exhibited throughout many galleries and museums throughout Australia and beyond.

With the limited release of the Halcyon Park collection, you can now own a piece of Australian fashion history. This collection with its distinctive Australian feel is also a winner for gifts to be sent abroad.

Jenny’s originality, creativity and drive have always awarded her hero status in my eyes and once you get the little ones down in their new Halcyon Park gear, I’d highly recommend watching the doco on IVIEW about Jenny and her collaborative partner Linda Jackson Flamingo Park here

Shop the limited edition range here

Jenny Park x Halcyon Nights = HALCYON PARK





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