Our staff picks for Easter 2021 - Jane

Our staff picks for Easter 2021 - Jane


JANE  - founder, owner and the "j" in npj had no trouble picking her current in store faves for Easter. 

In 2021, Jane has made a commit to a Vegan lifestyle "Being celiac and intolerant to diary, I was already eating a mostly vegan diet, after thinking about the impact eating meat and animal by-products has on the planet, it was an easy decision to go Vegan. I found Shannon Martiniez's first 2 cookbooks great resources, so I'm excited to delve into Vegan With Bite this easter."

Having a bit of a sweet tooth, Jane also loves that Hey Tiger include a Vegan choice in all of their limited releases. Hop The Road "The balance of dark chocolate with the crunchy coconut chips and the pomegranate molasses is a definite treat. I'm glad it's limited because it's a definite treat. I'm yet to try the Good Hare Day eggs, but if there are any left after the Easter Weekend I'm all for taste test of those".

"I'll be spending time with family down on the Mornington Peninsula over the Easter weekend and with the beautiful weather forecast we'll be taking our twin grandchildren to the park and The Somewhere Co Cooler Bags will come in handy to pack the never ending need for snacks for the littles. Once we've emptied there snacks (which will be in record time), we'll be stocking up with some fresh produce from the Mornington Peninsula and supporting locals affected by the bushfires and lockdowns."

Always wise -  Jane is also packing a couple of the Jellystone DIY Calm Bottles.

"With all of the Aunties and Uncles gathering for Easter for the first time in while, I'm sure the twins will be receiving more Easter Eggs than they could even imagine, so I'll be giving them a DIY Calm Down Bottle each for Easter. We've had some amazing feedback in store from kids and adults alike, so fingers crossed, this is the perfect balance to the sugar gifts.




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