Our staff pics for Easter 2021 - Wattay

Our staff pics for Easter 2021 - Wattay

She might be the newest member to our team, but as a long time customer at npj, Wattay is definitely a familiar face.

"It's our turn to host Easter this year, and one of the items I had on my wish list before starting at npj was the Nuvolo Dome. It is a beautiful statement piece and I love that I only need to pop a couple of different varieties of cheese in there and it looks super fancy".

Like we know many of you are, Wattay is also a huge fan of Joanna Gaines and was pretty keen to share her love of the 2nd Magnolia Table cookbook " Not only are the recipes divine, but with it's beautiful cover, it ticks the multi-tasking box, and has quickly become an addition to my coffee table stack".

Wattay is a smart chic and although she knows the forecast for Easter is sun sun sun, she knows in Melbourne that will all end quicker than yo can say "It's such a lovely day". That's why she is all heart eyes for the Vivian Jacket - "I love nothing more than feeling snug and cosy and it doesn't get cosier than this and I love that it has deep pockets so I can hide my easter eggs from my 3 year old" - Cheeky, but we like it.

Speaking of Easter Eggs, Wattay's pick for Easter is the Happy Hoppin' Caramelised Popcorn eggs, which she fully intends to inhale, so she won't have to hide them in her jacket pockets!!!

Wattay's final pick, is a hopeful one - but with fingers crossed for more than a few minutes to herself, she is hoping to get stuck into the Friends puzzle - "I'm a die hard fan of Friends and puzzles are my favourite relaxation tool ,secondly only to spas,  so this is a win win for me. (And yes we will be making sure Wattay's husband sees this and is well and truly prepped for mother's day!!)

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