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Hardie Grant

Gluten Free Air Fryer

Gluten Free Air Fryer

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These quick and versatile gluten-free recipes will reunite you with all the foods you miss eating, through the magic of air frying!

Gluten Free Air Fryer shows you everything you need to know about this essential appliance, with a huge variety of practical, delicious gluten-free dishes, plus dairy-free, lactose-free, low FODMAP, veggie and vegan options. Enjoy Thin and Crispy Pizza that's ready to eat in just 15 minutes, Golden Zinger Burgers that you'd swear were deep-fried, Bakery-style Sausage Rolls or Veggies Bakes to serve up the ultimate lunch and Mini Doughnut Holes or Iced Buns for when you fancy something sweet.

Sunday Times Bestselling author and ‘Queen of Gluten Free' Becky Excell has spent years developing flavoursome gluten-free recipes – next she wants to show you just how to bring back all of the things you can't ordinarily enjoy on a gluten-free diet using your air fryer. Packed with inspiration for everyday essentials, weeknight favourites, “fakeaways”, super sides, quick breads and even cakes and desserts, Gluten Free Air Fryer lets the kitchen gadget do all the work, saving you time, stress and money.

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